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MCT zRDP405 Zero RDP Ultra Thin Client

MCT zRDP405 Thin Client

MCT zRDP405 Zero RDP ultra-thin client features:

  • New generation computing
  • Create connections or a connection template
  • Set up a local printer in the connection
  • Configuration of devices
  • Remote shutdown
  • Customization of Apps.

Product Description

MCT zRDP405 Zero RDP ultra-thin client is a Windows VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or RDP-based solution.  zRDP405 helps educational, enterprise, and government organizations give every user individual access to a remote desktop as if they were in front of a full physical desktop.

MCT Zero RDP ultra thin client has a new generation SOC chipset “Trigger VI”. And it’s a VDI/RDP base of zero clients that permanently contain system software to allow accessing OS from network. Applications come from the server as well. MCT design the Zero RDP as an “Ultra-thin client”. It’s similar to a thin-client, but there’s no local storage and no WOL (Wake on LAN).

Using zRDP405 in VDI environments of the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. It can be contrasted with a thin client, which retains OS and each device’s specific configuration settings in flash memory. The user can connect to the server hosts, client’s OS and applications through wireless or wired networking.

Zero RDP ultra thin client features:

  • Old computing to new generation computing
  • Create connections
  • Create a template for the connection
  • Set up a local printer in the connection
  • Configuration of devices
  • Remote shutdown
  • Customization of Apps

Device Management Apps: MCT’s zRDP Manager manage the thin clients simplify. The administrators can create connections, configure devices, and update firmware remotely on the host/server side. No need having to manage the clients individually. zRDP Manager highlights:

  • Up to 100 clients on each server
  • Easily connect I/O devices
  • Dual monitor with extended display
  • Easy installation.

MCT zRDP405 zero RDP ultra thin client: Lower power, multiple users, Microsoft RemoteFX and RDP certified.

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