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SLA Company Limited - Leading IT Distributor, IT Services in Vietnam

IT Services

  • IT Maintenance Services IT Maintenance Services

    SLA Company Limited provides IT maintenance services, makes sure your hardware, software, and networks remains online and operational and always optimized for maximum performance. The health and stability of your IT Infrastructure is critical to the efficiency of your business....

  • Web design ecommerce Web Design E-Commerce

    SLA Company Limited provides web design and E-commerce services which use latest technologies and processes to build secure and reliable websites. We develop websites, web applications, database driven sites, Corporate Intranet Design and Development and renovate existing websites, …. Our business...

  • IT products equipments Distribute IT Equipments

    SLA Company Limited is IT distributor, IT reseller, so we buy and sell IT equipments to enterprises in Vietnam, bear in mind customers’ interest. We’ve also increased in hardware provision. We take in equipments that companies wishes to phase-out, and...

  • Equipments leasing service Equipments leasing service

    SLA Company Limited provides the equipments leasing service, IT Rental and Leasing Services in Vietnam. The companies have the needs about conducting of courses, shifting of offices, internal company policies to ownership. To further assist in such projects, SLA Company Limited offer...

  • IT Outsourcing Service IT Outsourcing – Managed Service

    SLA Company Limited provides IT outsourcing and managed services. The objects like database design, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, e-commerce website design, technical supports. We deliver cost effective and reliable systems for each sector of the growing market in Vietnam. Also...