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VoIP IP Phone

SLA Company Limited is distributing VoIP IP phone products to clients in Vietnam. It registers SIP to IP PBX ensure VoIP solutions save cost monthly as call between sites. Admin can be easy to manage via web-based to configure and know the status. Additionally, you can implement new phone node fast by using the ethernet cable or WiFi. The phone is ready RJ45 ethernet, RJ11 hybrid, PoE port, WiFi feature. So do not worry about merging analog and VoIP IP phone together. We can help to find the best solutions for this.

SLA is partnering with the famous vendors like OpenVox, Cisco, Grandstream, Panasonic, Avaya, Yealink, Flyingvoice, New Rock, …. Depend on your budget and the current PBX, you choice the type of phone matching. So think more about your needs and business.

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