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WAN Optimization

WAN optimization solutions help to reduce bandwidth cost and accelerate application speeds. The customers are easy to use WAN optimizer product that can be installed on dedicated physical appliances or by running virtual machines. SLA Company Limited is distributor of Wanos Networks, Zevenet in Vietnam.

Focus on return on investment, reduce bandwidth cost and accelerate application speeds with WAN optimization. WAN acceleration appliances are placed on each end of the link. WAN optimizer reconstructs the data back to its original form. The solution is transparent to the end stations.

The below is how to WAN optimization works is by:

  • Stream compression and bandwidth de-duplication via byte-caching in real time on the fly.
  • Reduced data over the WAN results in bandwidth cost savings and WAN acceleration.
  • This provides application acceleration which improves quality of experience for end users.
  • Quality of Service and Packet Loss Recovery enhance the link performance to ensure great application response.

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