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Backup Disaster Recovery

SLA Company Limited provides the backup and disaster recovery solution to the enterprises in Vietnam. Data is essential and critical. Certified experts, with proven results are the key to recovering data so precious to one organization. 100% data assured confidentiality. SLA has considerable expertise of virtualization, storage, high availability and data replication. We also provide a number of business continuity solutions to safeguard your business against unplanned downtime across both physical and virtual machines.

Our customer service engineers will support and assist you through the entire data recovery process to your total satisfaction. SLA works closely with you and your business. We utilize the latest technologies and solutions to implement the correct processes, policies and procedures that ensure seamless operation and successfully recovery your ICT infrastructure.

We work closely with you to outline and prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Then help minimize the operational risks. We supply the planning service mixing of current and advanced technologies. Example, antivirus, threat detection, UPS, onsite and off-site data, high availability (HA), clustering & failover, data replication solutions. Our disaster recovery service includes:

  • Provision and allotment of disaster recovery team.
  • Analysis of possible risks (geographical, natural and human induced).
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to establish which main areas are a priority.
  • Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).
  • Site equipment audit.
  • Vulnerability assessments and analysis of possible threats.
  • Disaster recovery plan, suggestions, creation & testing.

Data backup and recovery is for your business continuity. The solution provides comprehensive and reliable system availability and access requirements. For basic backup, you can restore lost data and applications after device failure. For full-scale disaster recovery (DR), we provide large-capacity, long-term remote user access after a natural disaster.

Please contact SLA Company Limited for backup and disaster recovery solution. We supply NAS and UPS to clients in Vietnam.

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