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Video Streaming

SLA Company Limited is distributing video streaming products to clients in Vietnam. You can live streaming from events, sport games, healthcare, training. The client can build video on demand (VoD), film pages. Additionally all must run stable on the lower bandwidth infrastructure, high joiners. Streamers can connect via 3G, 4G, 5G or WiFi to live stream smoothly. And streaming data center, production run 24/24. But also take note the slow motion, video analytic features are enable to use. So your video become different and interesting.

We partner with Cisco, Flowplayer, Muvi, Wowza, Harmonic, Ericsson, Anvato, Zype, …. We supply the software, equipments, OTT platform to build the streaming system. And you also can choice cloud edition. SLA will bring the best solutions matching your requirements.

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