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Flowplayer Video Platform OTT Vietnam

Flowplayer Video Platform

The products of Flowplayer – SLA Company Limited:

  • Video Platform: Encoding, storing and streaming of your videos.
  • Video Player: Customize the player and host your video files yourself.
  • Video Advertising: Earn money with your videos.

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of Flowplayer, distribute and support Flowplayer Video Platform to resellers, endusers in Vietnam. Video Platform encodes, stores, streams of videos. Video Player customizes the player, host video files. Video Advertising earns money with videos.

Flowplayer Video Platform makes video your business. Flowplayer can convert your online video content into a powerful revenue generator. Flowplayer is the best online video platform for media companies. Flowplayer is the most deployed customizable video player on the web.

  • Intuitive video management: The possibilities can be expanded by integrating the platform into your existing CMS, allowing editors to access videos through a familiar interface.
  • Increased ad fill rate: While video ads have the best click-through rate, we understand the numerous pitfalls potentially costing you money. We collaborate with multiple ad networks and have gathered considerable expertise about the technical and practical problems the industry is facing. Regardless of your ad server layout and protocol, we are here to improve the all-important ad fill rate.
  • Extensive analytics: With Flowplayer’s built-in analytics you see the big picture, the anomalies, and the trends. Those with existing analytics tools benefit from a wide list of 3rd party integrations. We want to help your marketing to get the most out of the data.
  • Live streaming: We work with big media companies doing thousands of live broadcasts per year watched by millions. Flowplayer includes a mobile one-click live-streaming button for direct access to your audience. With Flowplayer, live streaming is easy.
  • Effortless switch: We’ll migrate your existing video assets onto our platform and set up the required integrations. And once everything is up and running, we’re available whenever you need help.

Flowplayer Video Player is the best performing and most deployed video player in the world.

  • The quest for performance: From the early days of online video, Flowplayer has been at the forefront of player design. The main principle is simple: the video is the star of the show, not the player. Of equal importance is performance. Flowplayer is the most lightweight player in the market, and we focus strongly on performance. The smaller the player is, the faster it loads. This leads to higher play rates and better Ad fill rates.
  • Flowplayer Native: Early 2018 we will release our next player version, dubbed “Flowplayer Native”. It will break all records in terms of performance and speed. Sign up to take part in a private beta and experience the next generation player.
  • Generate revenue on your videos: Our player supports the full range of ad formats: preroll, midroll, postroll and overlays; video, text and images. With our Ad plugin we support all the common Ad standards such as VAST and VPAID. For more information about our Ads options see our Ads site.
  • Show it like you own it: With our player you have the opportunity to let your creative side out. Our skinning options provide a vast amount of options to get the right look and feel for your deployment.
  • Standard embed: get up and running in minutes.
  • Skewed: The player is displayed in perspective and with slight a shadow when stopped.

Flowplayer Video Advertising help to earn money with your videos. The full range of ad formats: preroll, midroll, postroll and overlays; video, text and images. Video ads have an average click-through rate of 1.84%, the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of Flowplayer and local supports to the resellers, endusers in Vietnam. Please contact us here or directly for more information about Flowplayer Video Platform, Flowplayer Video Player, Flowplayer Video Advertising products.