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Inspur Server

Inspur server has the type to select: rack server, multi-node server, rack-scale system. Some models:

  • Inspur NF5280M6, NF5180M6, NF3280A6, NF3180A6, NF5280A6, NF5180A6, NF8480M6, NF8260M6, NF5280R6, NF5266M6, NF5466M6, NF6476V6, NF5260M6/FM6, NF5270M6, NF5280M5, NF5180M5, NF8260M5, NF8480M5, NF5260M5, NF5270M5, NF5266M5, NE5260M5, NF5468M5, AGX-2, NF5466M5, NF5476M5, NF3120M5, NE5260M5, TS860M5, NF5486M5.
  • Inspur Power Systems FP5280G2, FP5468G2, FP5466G2, FP5290G2, FP5180G2, i24M6, i48M6, i48, i24, ORS6000S, Rack Scale Server OR.

SLA is a authorized distributor of Inspur in Vietnam market.

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