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Inspur server rackmount G7 series

Inspur Rackmount Server

Inspur rackmount server G7 series:

  • NF5180G7, NF5280G7.
  • NF5266G7, NF5466G7, NF5476G7.
  • NF5468G7, NF5688G7.
  • NF8260G7, NF8480G7, TS860G7
  • i24G7, i24G7-1S.

Product Description

Inspur server supports Intel and AMD processor to deliver breakthrough performance and acceleration. Inspur G7 series rackmount servers are top choice in your IT system with apps.

  • General Purpose Servers: NF5180G7, NF5280G7.
  • Storage Optimized Servers: NF5266G7, NF5466G7, NF5476G7.
  • Powerful AI Servers: NF5468G7, NF5688G7.
  • Cloud-Optimized / Mission Critical Servers: NF8260G7, NF8480G7, TS860G7
  • Multi-Node High-Density Servers: i24G7, i24G7-1S.

The highlights of G7 rackmount server:

  • Leading Innovations
    • Delivering flexible performance through configurable options for data centers of all scales.
    • Supporting leading storage technologies like E3.S and E1.S, PCIe Gen5 and CXL.
    • Redefining power efficiency by raising PSU density up to 4%.
    • Strengthening open collaboration for greater product reliability, efficiency.
  • Reliability & Resilience
    • Increased redundancy in BIOS/BMC and components for stable operation.
    • Increased security with boot memory inspection, MFP memory protection.
    • Hardware redundancy from software design reduces system downtime and power consumption.
    • Cloud-based operations and maintenance enable up to 95% fault diagnosis accuracy.
  • Sustainability-Focused
    • End-to-end liquid cooling solutions.
    • Intelligent temperature regulation and hardware architecture improve heat dissipation.
    • Efficient packing technology reduces material volume by 90%, plastic waste by 30%.
    • 15% power reduction and real-time carbon emissions monitoring through dynamic power management.

Inspur server matches the enterprise business & save cost, also run stable. Inspur is leading server, data center and cloud computing solutions. Let contact Inspur distributor in Vietnam – SLA company to get more matching your server needs.