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UniFi camera security CCTV

UniFi camera security

Ubiquiti UniFi security camera models:

  • Camera G4 Pro UVC-G4-Pro
  • Camera G4 PTZ UVC-G4-PTZ
  • Camera G3 Instant UVC-G3-INS-US
  • Camera G3 Flex UVC-G3-Flex
  • Camera G4 Bullet UVC-G4-Bullet
  • Camera G4 Dome UVC-G4-Dome
  • G4 Doorbell UVC-G4-DoorBell
  • Smart Flood Light UP-FloodLight.

Product Description

UniFi camera security has many advanced features: WiFi connected, wide angle lens, HD quality, two-way audio, night vision, IR extender, PTZ control. Ubiquiti camera is easy to setup quickly, put indoor / outdoor, small size.

  • Captures sharp 1080p HD video over dual-band WiFi.
  • The wide-angle lens ensures expanded surveillance and enhanced security.
  • The built-in microphone and speaker allow for two-way communication.
  • Dynamic IR LEDs adapt to lighting changes to capture clear nighttime video.
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom capability give the camera an impressive range of omni-directional motion.
  • Precise movement and zoom control allows you to instantly focus on relevant events.
  • The outdoor mounting kit makes exterior deployment simple and safe.
  • Wall, ceiling, pole mount: With a ball-joint mount capable of 3-axes adjustment.

Seamless UniFi Network integration. Easily incorporate Protect cameras into a new or existing UniFi Network.

UniFi security camera design

From UniFi Protect cameras, let choose the models that best suit your needs. Because Ubiquiti offers a wide range of high definition security cameras. UniFi security camera models:

  • G4 Pro: UVC-G4-Pro
  • G4 PTZ: UVC-G4-PTZ
  • G3 Flex: UVC-G3-Flex
  • G4 Bullet: UVC-G4-Bullet
  • G4 Dome: UVC-G4-Dome
  • G3 Instant: UVC-G3-INS-US
  • G4 Doorbell: UVC-G4-DoorBell
  • Smart Flood Light: UP-FloodLight

Monitor what matters most from any location. Build a personalized UniFi Protect deployment that meets your unique security needs.

  • Privacy first: Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive on-site data protection.
  • Bandwidth-conscious: Conserve internet bandwidth while capturing, storing, and transmitting footage.
  • Multiple connection options: Connect to protect application directly or manage your deployment remotely.
  • No subscription fees: We respect your investment. Expect best-in-class security without recurring costs.
  • Time lapse filtering: Instantly scrub through hours of HD footage and precisely locate key moments.

SLA Compay Limited is Uniquiti UniFi authorized partner. And we supply CCTV system, solutions, services to clients in Vietnam market. Contact us and choose IP camera matching your needs.