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Sophos XGS series next generation firewall

Sophos XGS Next-Gen Firewall

Sophos XGS series next generation firewall models:

  • SMB and Branch Office desktop: 87/87w, 107/107w, 116/116w, 126/126w, 136/136w.
  • Distributed Edge 1U rackmount: 2100, 2300, 3100, 3300, 4300, 4500.
  • Enterprise Edge 2U rackmount: 5500, 6500.

Product Description

Sophos XGS firewall is a next generation firewall, powerful protection and performance. Sophos firewall and XGS series appliances with dedicated Xstream Flow. Processors enable the ultimate in application acceleration, high-performance. TLS inspection and powerful threat protection.

XGS firewall combines the best of two worlds: the flexibility of a high-performance, multi-core CPU for deep-packet inspection. Plus the performance benefits of a dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for intelligent application acceleration.

Sophos XGS firewall delivers the industry’s best visibility, protection, and performance. From the small branch office to the distributed enterprise, no compromise protection is guaranteed.

An extensive range of modular hardware appliances, cloud and virtual platform. And also secure access edge devices like our SD-RED and APX wireless access point.

SMB and Branch Office: Excellent value and all-in-one connectivity for branch office, retail outlet, and small business needs. Sophos XGS series desktop: 87/87w, 107/107w, 116/116w, 126/126w, 136/136w.

Distributed Edge: Performance and versatile connectivity options to meet the security infrastructure needs of mid-sized organizations. Sophos XGS series 1U rackmount: 2100, 2300, 3100, 3300, 4300, 4500.

Enterprise Edge: No-compromise performance, connectivity. Redundancy to power the most demanding distributed enterprise networks. Sophos XGS series 2U rackmount: 5500, 6500.

Sophos Central is at the heart of everything we do. Our cloud management platform provides a single pane of glass to not only manage firewalls. But also your full portfolio of Sophos security solutions.

Our comprehensive next-generation firewall protection has been built to expose hidden risks. Sophos NGFW blocks both known and unknown threats, automatically respond to incidents.

We recommend the Xstream Protection bundle for the ultimate in security. If you prefer to customize your protection, subscriptions are also available for individual purchase.

Let contact us to get the best models, security solutions matching your system. Some security products for reference.