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Ruckus Wireless Access Point Indoor Outdoor

Ruckus wireless access point

Ruckus access point, bridge model – SLA Company Limited:

  • Indoor access point: C110, H320, H510, M510, R310, R320, R510, R610, R650, R710, R720, R730, R750.
  • Outdoor access points and bridge: E510, P300, T310, T610, T710, T750, T811.

Product Description

Ruckus Wireless Access Point fit any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario. The challenges with high client density or indoor, outdoor environments, security, reliable access no matter. Ruckus AP portfolio is equipped to solve these challenges through wireless convergence.

Easy WLAN management with affordable cloud Wi-Fi for SMB and small business. Deliver a great retail Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi experience while gaining customer insight with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi and SPoT. Stadium Wi-Fi solutions, outdoor access points, under seat access points for a great fan experience. Wi-Fi solutions for connected communities and smart city networks. Transition to digital learning with secure student privacy. Wireless solutions for apartments, dorms, assisted living and high density housing. Hospitality Wi-Fi, hotel access points and guest access for increased guest satisfaction and loyalty. Elevate the student experience with campus Wi-Fi, dorm Wi-Fi, campus switches and campus BYOD.

Ruckus wireless access point supports the high-end dual-bands, 4-8 spatial streams in 2.4Ghz, 5GHz. With OFDMA and MU-MIMO capabilities, efficiently manages up to 1024 client connections. This help the increased capacity, improved coverage and performance in ultra-high dense environments. Ruckus access point makes easily to deliver reliable, secure, high-performance connectivity in transit hubs, auditoriums, conference centers and other high traffic indoor spaces.

Choose Ruckus access point models below.

  • Indoor access point (wall-plate, ceiling mount or mobile backhaul): C110, H320, H510, M510, R310, R320, R510, R610, R650, R710, R720, R730, R750.

  • Outdoor access points and bridge: E510, P300, T310, T610, T710, T750, T811.

Extending broadband Wi-Fi throughout their coverage areas. But overlaying existing hybrid fiber coax cable networks with new Wi-Fi services can be a complex and expensive proposition.

Administrator is also easy to manage through Ruckus controller physical and virtual cloud management options.

SLA Company Limited is distributor of CommScope Ruckus Networks in Vietnam. We distribute wireless access point, bridge, AP controller, licenses to clients. We help the clients integrate Ruckus wireless devices to network system and run more stable. Contact SLA for Ruckus wireless solutions, IT products completely.