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Cisco 800 Series Router

Cisco 800 Series Router

The specifications of Cisco 800 Series Router – SLA Company Limited:

  • Built-in security, including content filtering
  • Business continuity for both data and voice
  • Cisco Configuration Professional for simplified management
  • Business Continuity with primary and backup connections on the Cisco 880 router, including 3G
  • 4 x 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet managed switch ports with optional PoE on 02 switch ports
  • Up to 20 VPN tunnels
  • WAN connection with multiple access options
  • Universal software image eases expansion capabilities with software activation.

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of Cisco, distribute and support Cisco 800 Series Router, 812, 819, 860VAE, 881, 880VA, 888, 880G to resellers, endusers in Vietnam. Cisco 800 Series router extend concurrent data, security, wireless to branch, small businesses.

Building on Cisco’s integrated services router (ISR) portfolio, the Cisco 800 Series router extend concurrent data, security, and wireless to enterprise branch offices, teleworkers, and small businesses to help increase productivity and streamline operations. These integrated services routers (ISRs) also deliver industry-leading performance and advanced IP services over all WAN technologies, including XDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, 3G and 4G, and fibre.

Cisco 800 Series Routers Products: 812, 819, 860VAE, 881, 880VA, 888, 880G

Diverse WAN Connectivity: The Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR) enable a variety of WAN technologies, including xDSL, Ethernet, 3G and 4G, and fiber—with a range of performance levels to meet your needs.

Voice, Video, Wireless, and Data in a Single Box: The 800 ISRs enable voice connectivity and video traffic and provide Wi-Fi—helping you minimize capital expenditures (CapEx) at the branch with a single box.

Enterprise-Grade Security: The 800 ISRs provide encryption, VPN, firewall, and URL filtering (Cloud Web Security), helping you safeguard your customers and data.

Compact and Fanless: These routers come in a small form factor for easy placement and feature a fanless design for quieter operation.

810 Series (Smallest Cisco Fixed ISR): Ideal for machine-to-machine and device-to-device deployments such as ATMs, point-of-sale, and other applications that help enable the “Internet of Things”, where devices talk to each other with little intervention or human supervision.

860 Series (Entry-Level Fixed ISR): Basic features, security performance, and connectivity for teleworkers and small branch offices of 10 users or fewer. Ideal for service provider – managed entry-level services.

880 Series (Flagship Fixed ISR): Advanced features, industry standard performance, and connectivity. Ideal for enterprises, small businesses, and service provider – managed services.

890 Series (Premium Fixed ISR): Industry-leading features and performance for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and service providers. Exceptional fixed routers that come with a comprehensive feature set and offer high performance

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