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WiFi VoIP phone Flyingvoice P20 P2X series wireless

WiFi VoIP phone

WiFi VoIP IP phone specifications:

  • Flyingvoice FIP10, FIP10P, FIP11C, FIP11CP
  • Flyingvoice P20, P20P, P20G
  • Flyingvoice P21, P21P, P21G
  • WiFi 2.4GHz (5GHz option)
  • 2 SIP accounts
  • 2 RJ45 100/1000Mbps ports
  • Support PoE (option)
  • LCD screen (color option)
  • HD voice
  • Audio conferencing
  • Phonebook: 2,000 contacts.

Product Description

WiFi VoIP phone supports 2 SIP accounts, 2.4GHz wireless connection, PoE, voice HD. Flyingvoice VoIP phone delivers high-quality voice communication for the handset and speakerphone even in very noisy conditions.

Flyingvoice P2X series integrate any brands of IP PBX, cloud PBX. And helping to save cost, matching SMB, factories. Making your call smoothly and communication easier. FRPS and FACS save on your operation and maintenance time as much as possible.

It is easy to setup Flyingvoice WiFi VoIP phone by three steps:

  • Putting a IP phone on the desk or mount on the wall (2 adjustable angles) and power on.
  • Connecting the ethernet Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 between switch and Flyingvoice P2X series unit.
  • Auto configuration or login to web-based to add SIP server info and enjoy calling and receiving.

Wireless VoIP phone includes Flyingvoice P20, P20P (PoE), P20G (Gigabit port), P21 (color screen), P21P (PoE), P21G (Gigabit port). Basic VoIP phone including Flyingvoice P10, P10P, P10G and color screen with Flyingvoice P11, P11P, P11G.

For more info about VoIP IP phone , call center and CRM solution, let contact us – a authorized Flyingvoice distributor in Vietnam.