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DT Research

DT Research, Inc. develops and manufactures information appliances including rugged mobile computing devices, medical computing solutions and digital signage systems for vertical markets. From the heart of the Silicon Valley in USA to its engineering centers in Asia, experienced DT Research teams leverage software/hardware integration expertise in implementing technological advances for the compelling products. Applications to travel, hospitality, retail, education, entertainment, event, finance, banking, goverment.

DT Research offers a wide selection of products based on robust yet aggressive configurations and platforms. These products comprise Rugged Tablets, GNSS Tablets, Medical Cart Computers, industrial grade All-in-one Computers, Thin Clients as well as Digital Signage Players and Management Software. All DT Research products are complemented by the intuitive and web-enabled management software executed over both local and remote networks.

DT Research boasts engineering and production teams, technical support, and distribution partners in key locations worldwide. The result is the ability to offer cutting-edge products that are efficient in both cost and deployment. The solutions are characterized by aggressive hardware and reliable software, and DT Research is the proven partner of choice for embedded computing and digital signage solutions.

The actual performance will depend on the video codec used, frame rate and especially, bit rate of the video. In general, H.264 codec in mp4 format will be recommended for the MS systems. Refer to the performance benchmark table below based on H.264 MP4 video format. Signage Appliance (SA series) doesn’t feature synchronization of multiple video playback. There is no upper limit of player connections to a WCM6 Server. However, WCM6 Pro server only offers a free license for up to 50 players. If you would like to connect more than 50 signage appliances to one WCM6 Pro Server, please contact your local reseller or our sales representative to order extra upgrade license keys to increase the player connection of your WCM6 Pro.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of DT Research, supplies Digital signage, Multi screen appliance, software products, solutions, supports to the resellers, customers in Vietnam. Please contact us here or Vietnamese site for more information about DT Research products.

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