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DT Research digital signage

Digital Signage DT Research

DT Research Digital Signage Products – SLA Company Limited :

  • Signage Appliance: SA101
  • Multi Screen Appliance: MA1352, MA1356, MA1363, MA1367, MS600H, MS1600S, MS2800S
  • Software: WebDT Content Manager.

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of DT Research Digital Signage to resellers, endusers in Vietnam. Digital Signage solution is very useful to display video, streaming to screens. Models SA101, MA1352, MA1356, MA1363, MA1367, MS600H, MS1600S, MS2800S, WebDT Content Manager.

DT Research Digital Signage solution applies to Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Real Estate, Entertainment, Events, Finance, Banking, Goverment. It is very useful to display video, streaming to screens.

Appliances: Robust, Compact and Energy-efficient Digital Signage

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system
  • Full-HD video resolution
  • Compact, fanless design
  • Content management software included

Multi Screen Appliances: Power Multiple Screens Arrays

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard operating system
  • Full 1080p HD to each screen, up to 16 displays
  • Rich media formats in multiple content zones
  • Content management software included

WebDT Content Manager: WebDT Signage System is a complete digital signage system comprised of innovative digital signage hardware and intuitive web-based digital signage software that allows you to effectively communicate your message in any place, at any time. Whatever your industry, WebDT Signage System can help you deliver dynamic visual messages to optimize your customers’ experience while driving sales. Minimize Costs, Maximize Communications:

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhanced security
  • Remote management
  • High scalability & rich feature sets
  • 3 steps to publish attractive messages
  • Drag and drop operations
  • One-click to publish urgent cast

HTML5 Widget Editor: Design and Create Targeted Content

  • Add image, video, Flash, text & rectangles
  • Rotated image/text function
  • Built-in table with background colors
  • Multi-line rolling text or RSS message
  • Real-time data feed supported

You can login to the tools to monitor and report on your unit players, no software installation required. It allows you to maximize customer engagement through high quality, high brightness displays that are certified to withstand the elements and customizable, integrated solutions that allow you to remotely manage and distribute content updates.

We also supply the cloud edition with saving the cost, solve your requirements. For more information about DT Research Digital Signage, please contact with SLA Company Limited here or Vietnamese site.