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ShareTech Information Co., Ltd provides intelligent network security and data protection solutions. This allows industries, education institutions, and government to connect and collaborate securely. ShareTech focused on producing more affordable and reliable IT products. We help secure the networks and reduce cost of ownership for more than 100,000 SMB. We cooperated with the best global brands providing more products and value-added technical support for domestic distributors and business.

ShareTech products:

  • Next generation UTM firewall (NU series): Multi-functioned appliance as a gateway with standard features: firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus, IDP defense, BotNet defense, anomaly flow analysis, Co-Defense, IPS, WAF, VPN, SSL VPN, website and applications access control, and AP management, …. NGFW empowers network administrators and their teams to work more efficiently and productively.
  • WiFi UTM (WF series): WiFi UTM is a slick unit which provides wireless isolation. AP controls access for authenticated users, filters spam/virus and monitors network usage and traffic. Integrated with ShareTech wireless access points, setup overall system architecture for seamless wired-to-wireless integration rapidly. Business get secure wireless access all over the place. And it is an optimal wireless solution benefits SME, hotels, schools, retails, ….
  • Mail Server (MS series): ShareTech hardware-based mail server is an integrated appliance. 5 security aspects: gateway, protection (firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spam), email audit (email filtering and personal information), record-based backup (email record, high availability, and remote backup), and individual Webmail (Webmail, shared folders, APP, and calendar).

Network Size: SMB (Medium-sized Business), large enterprise. Solutions: Next generation network security, network security, wireless network security, email security, mail archive, WLAN access point, switch.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of ShareTech in Vietnam. We supply firewall, mail server, mail archive, switch, access point products. Beside the security solutions, professional services and local supports to the clients.

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