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ServiceTonic is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), IT Service Management (ITSM), help desk solution for companies of all sizes in industries including accounting, advertising, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and many more. The software if offered in an on-premise or cloud-based deployment, and is both Mac and PC compatible.

ServiceTonic is a powerful and easy-to-manage solution for any company that needs to automate services without programming skills. ServiceTonic is a Spanish based company, founded in 2009 and rapidly enlarged its operations globally in more than 14 countries with strategic partners through all markets: Service Providers, finance, government, industry, consulting,etc. We bring IT Service Management, Customer Service and Enterprise Service Management to all range of customers.

Core features of ServiceTonic include sales automation, customer service and support, help desk, call center, web self-service, knowledge management, live chat and field service. Additional features of the system include ticket management, business workflows, SLA management, email integration, reporting, and automated network inventory, among others. We also offer users the ability to integrate with LDAP user directories, corporate databases, and other third-party business software. A personalized dashboard allows users to customize how they view and monitor job progress and tasks, while also managing tickets and calendars.

Features: Help Desk Ticketing & Automation, 100% Web-Based, Multi-Channel, Multi-plataform, Multi-service & Multi-language, Mobile ready, Knowledge Base, Configurable user Web-Portal, Fully customizable without programming.

Benefits: Simplicity, flexibility and powerful, Wide Functionality , productivity-oriented, Service Creation Assistants, Easy configuration without programming, Productivity-oriented, Customer and User Satisfaction-oriented.

Target Customers: Startups, SMB, Enterprise. All users looking forward to automate services without need to program with a powerful yet easy to manage solution. ServiceTonic serves users across the globe, and offers multiple pricing plans based on functionality and deployment.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of ServiceTonic, supplies ITSM and Help Desk software products, solutions, supports to the resellers, customers in Vietnam. Please contact us here for more information about ServiceTonic products.

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