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Q-Balancer Co., Ltd, formerly known as Creek Data Communication Co., Ltd., has headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan. We are a pioneer of “network load balancing” technology. Q-Balancer appliances help enterprises utilizing the Internet and cloud-based applications. Our solutions help improve the availability, reliability, and responsiveness of business-critical services.

Our appliances assure cloud continuity for business customers and achieve the most rapid ROI (return on investment). The clients in the worldwide including Government, Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, ISP, Manufacturing, Transportation, Professional Service, Hospitality, and Media. The deployment features include WAN load balancing, inbound load balancing, DSL/VPN Bonding, and bandwidth management. This has demonstrated the ability of the Q-Balancer to meet the needs for enterprise customers. Besides, we are continuously evolving product to provide remarkable features, and so as to help businesses meet the challenges in the future.

The technologies include Link Failover and Fallback, Outbound Load Balancing, Inbound Load Balancing, Global Server Load Balancing, Broadband Bonding, 4G LTE Bonding, VPN Failover & Fallback, VPN Bonding, Data Compression, Proxy Caching, Bandwidth Management, Quota Manager, Authentication, Firewalling, IPv6, Reporting, …. More we will be released more to meet the challenges in the future.

Q-Balancer Products: The LB Series is a Network Load Balancer which help clients with uninterrupted Internet connectivity, accelerated application delivery.

  • SOHO: LB310, LB410, LB415, LB420
  • Small Business: LB620D, LB622, LB625, LB630, LB635, LB635D
  • Mid-size Business: LB3040, LB3080, LB3120
  • Large Enterprise: LB5150, LB5200, LB5300, LB6100

Benefits: Cost Saving, 17 Policy-based Balance Modes, Responsive Support, Credibility, Enterprise-Grade Scalability, Reliability and Stability.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of Q-Balancer, supplies load balancing, wireless mesh products, solutions, supports to the resellers, customers in Vietnam. Please contact us or review networking products for more information about Q-Balancer products.

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