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VoIP IP PBX system for small business SMB


VoIP IP PBX systems for small business:

  • OpenVox UC300 IP PBX.
  • 1-2 RJ45 ethernet ports.
  • 1-4 FXO ports.
  • 1-4 FXS ports.
  • Support SIP, 500-800 extensions.
  • Support 300 concurrent calls.

Product Description

SLA Company Limited supplies VoIP IP PBX systems for SMB in Vietnam. Small business owners should consider about evaluating a new system for their offices. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) helps voice communications over the network. This makes the TCO lower.

There are the options to choose: Traditional analog PBX, cloud PBX, on-premise PBX systems, hybrid IP PBX. On-premise systems typically require a large upfront investment. Cloud systems are paid for with more affordable, monthly payments. To ensure voice quality, on-premise PBX systems will prioritize data traffic. With cloud PBX solutions, voice and data packets will often fight for preference, which leads to deteriorated voice quality. Small business IT budget is limited.

OpenVox UC300 is a physical PBX appliance, modern phone systems. OpenVox IP PBX comes with a user-friendly, web-based user interface, levels of authorizations. IP PBX with 1-2 RJ45, 1-4 FXO, 1-4 FXS ports, supports 800 extensions, 300 concurrent calls.

Today, communication goes far beyond a one-user-one-phone environment. They require to be available out of the office with remote and mobile employees. This is a more flexible solution. VoIP IP PBX for SMB can offer multiple devices per user. So one may get a call on the mobile or desk phone, laptop (in the office or at home) with same extension.

SLA provides VoIP customized solution as per your business requirements. Our clients include SME, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, apartment, educational institution, financial, banking, ….

Let choose the right VoIP phone systems and do proper initial setup and optimization. PBX system is effective communication internally and externally. If telephone system is critical to your business, you should assign a vendor responsible for system support.

Get quotation for small business PBX system, let contact us. You also can refer VoIP phone units working VoIP system.