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Tixeo Video Conferencing

Tixeo Video Conferencing

Tixeo Video Conferencing High-performance, HD video conferencing and Secure – SLA Company Limited :

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Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of Tixeo, distribute and support Tixeo Video Conferencing to resellers, endusers in Vietnam. Tixeo video conference is the best video conferencing solution for obtaining high performance, rich collaboration and secure video conferencing.

Tixeo video conferencing is the best video conferencing solution to implement in your company. It has worked closely with corporate companies to clearly define the needs and expectations for obtaining high performance, rich collaboration and secure video conferencing. Thousands of customers worldwide work every day with its secure video conferencing solutions, from SMBs to large corporations.

Secure video conferencing: Spying during your video conferences has become a major issue. Despite the fact that information shared in video conferences is often strategic, the security of video conferencing systems is usually totally neglected. Tixeo offers the world’s most secure video conferencing to guarantee the confidentiality of your discussions.

UltraHD video conferencing: Why should you choose between security and performance? The secure video conferencing uses a unique high-performance adaptive core engine. Sound is crystal clear and video will show up to Ultra HD depending on your network capability.

NextGen collaboration: Show any kind of document during your secure video conferencing. Work together on any content. Share your screen, a file or an application. It’s as easy as a single click. Show PowerPoint, a video or work on a Word document. Take advantage of a complete next generation collaboration tool.
Universal video conferencing: Perform secure video conferencing from anywhere. Use it on any devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones or even in a meeting room with TixeoRoom. It also allows you to connect using your existing former technology (H.323 / SIP) equipment, thanks to the TixeoGateway.

SLA Company Limited supplies the best solution about video conference, web conference, audio conference, video conference. We have the good engineers who have many experience about video conference, video call, video streaming, call center, contact center. For more information about Tixeo Video Conferencing, please contact with SLA Company Limited or ShareTech Vietnam.