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ShareTech Mail Archive MA-500

ShareTech Mail Archive Appliance

ShareTech Mail Archive MA Series models – SLA Company Limited :

  • Entry Level: ShareTech MA-100.
  • Mid-Range: ShareTech MA-300, ShareTech MA-500

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of ShareTech, distribute and sell ShareTech Mail Archive to the resellers, endusers in Vietnam. ShareTech email solution, mail gateway, email secuirty, mail archive hardware based models include MA-100, MA-300, MA-500.

ShareTech Mail Archive (MA Series), the series features email security, audit archive, big data analytics, and cloud backup. Multi-layered spam filter, email firewall, and dual anti-virus engines from both ClamAV and Kaspersky are offered on initial email delivery to reduce vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Auditing policies based on business-related rules can be applied to inbound and outbound email messages. And big data analytics includes email resume, association graph, total mailing and working hour’s analytics. Administrators can monitor each user’s behavior to pick up overall trends.

ShareTech Mail Archive (MA Series) Specialties:

  • Provides businesses stable, secure, and unlimited storage
  • Supports MariaDB and MySQL databases
  • To reduce server load, users are able to delete email messages after being archived.
  • Provides email data loss prevention by currently filtering email bodies and attachments
  • Prevents users from deleting any important email messages
  • Archives email from cloud-based Office365 and Gmail
  • Ensures businesses in full regulatory compliance with personal data protection
  • Easily recovers email messages that might have been accidently deleted using personal backup
  • Provides a web-based interface which allows users from anywhere to search for old emails

ShareTech Mail Archive (MA Series) Features:

  • Gets rid of inaccessibility issue of Outlook PST file and archives all email messages in case of hardware damaged or stolen.
  • Provides browser-based interface that can retrieve old email via personal inbox MyMail
  • Frees up storage space and takes offsite data backup at the same time
  • Optimizes exchange operations
  • Reduces IT cost and server load and simplifies backup and restoration
  • Assists many organizations in following the ISO BS7799 approach and regulating the protection of personal data.
  • Provides fast file searches that indexes at very high speed and gives you the search results within seconds.
  • Spam, Virus and Ransomware Prevention: Powerful and accurate spam filtering engines are provided to intercept all email containing suspicious content and attachments. Fully integrated with antivirus engines, Clam AV and optional Kaspersky, business can achieve a higher level of security.
  • Email Compliance: ShareTech helps businesses to ensure they are in full compliance. Eg. ISO BS7799. MA Series is an important tool to properly secure and protect confidential business information.
  • Complete Storage: Mail archive (MA Series) appliances can protect your business data with email archiving. It is an automated process for preserving and protecting all inbound and outbound email messages.
  • Cloud Email Backup: Mail archive (MA Series) helps keep vital data safe for many businesses since some do no store their email backup locally. They store it on portable external hard drive or flexible cloud storage, instead.
  • Email Loss Prevention: If sensitive data such as quotation, financial reporting, and medical records gets deleted by malicious people, users can retrieve their archived email via MyMail without consulting their administrator.
  • Continuous Operation: If your mail server gets suspended just because you get into an accident, you can receive your email using MyMail from the web-interface.
  • User-Defined Permissions: Level permissions can be assigned and altered to appropriate roles such as administrator, inquirer, and user based on their responsibilities and qualifications.
  • Expandable Storage: MA Series supports for MySQL and MariaDB allowing data backup on external storage devices. Administrators can have unlimited storage space and search through archived emails on a single interface.
  • Fast Search Engine: Mail archive (MA Series) has a powerful search engine displaying search results within seconds. Users can run a query using search conditions including senders, recipients, subject, content, date, etc.
  • Email Resume: Mail archive (MA Series) uses tree diagrams to display email delivery and related senders/recipients in a way in which users can visualize their email communication relation with ease.
  • Email Data Analytics: Email data analytics is one of the key features to apply behavior analysis, including association graph, total mailing and email-based working hour’s statistics.

ShareTech email archive solutions is multi-functional security appliance providing anti-virus, anti-spam, mail auditing, and can always resume archiving from where it left off. ShareTech MA Series offers 3 models, covering user environments ranging from 200-2,000.

ShareTech mail archive offers the most comprehensive market solutions in terms of performance, stability, functionality and simplicity to meet the specific email archiving needs of SMB, enterprises. It comes with front-end gateway security (anti-virus, anti-spam, mail pre-auditing, and anti-Ransomware) and internal audit capability (mail post auditing, email archive, and email resume). Enterprises, SMBs can expect the MA Series appliances to have their diverse security requirements all be satisfied on a single appliance.

ShareTech Mail Archive models:

Model MA-100 MA-300 MA-500
Size Entry Level Mid-Range
Platform Size 1U rackmount
Virus Engine ClamAV/Optional Kaspersky
Licensed Users Unrestricted
Recommended No. of Users Under 200 Under 500 Under 2,000

For more information about ShareTech mail archive, please contact with SLA Company Limited here or Vietnamese site.