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Logitech video conference camera solutions

Logitech video conference

Logitech video conferencing products and models:

  • Conference cameras: MeetUp, Rally camera, Group, Connect, BCC950, PTZ Pro 2.
  • Room solutions: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Barco Clickshare, GotoMeeting.
  • Webcams: C925e, C930e, C505e, C920e.
  • Headsets: H570e, H650e, H820e, P710e.
  • Collaboration tools: Zone Wireless + Brio 4K webcam, Logi Dock.
  • Accessories: Strong USB, Mic Pod, Rally Speaker, Mount.

Product Description

Logitech video conference equipment and solutions bring your meeting smoothly. Logitech video conferencing products including conference cameras, room solutions, webcams, headsets, collaboration tools, and accessories.

1. Logitech conference cameras: Bring video conferencing to huddle rooms and large conference rooms.

  • MeetUp: All-in-one conferencecam for small conference rooms and huddle rooms.

  • Rally camera: Premium PTZ camera with Ultra-HD imaging system and automatic camera control.

  • Group: Video conferencing for mid to large-sized meeting rooms.

  • Connect: Portable ConferenceCam with Bluetooth speakerphone for the huddle room, home office, and on the go.

  • BCC950: Desktop video conferencing solution for private offices, home offices, and most any semi-private space.

  • PTZ PRO 2: HD 1080p video camera with enhanced pan/tilt and zoom.

2. Logitech conference room solutions: Complete room solutions from Logitech allow participants to quickly kick off and run a video conference meeting.

  • Rally Plus: Premier modular video conferencing system for large rooms.
  • Rally Bar: All-in-one video bar for midsize rooms.
  • Logitech room solutions for Microsoft Teams (Microsoft 365 Business): Pre-configured systems for small, medium, and large rooms.
  • Logitech Swytch: Laptop link for video conferencing in meeting rooms.
  • Room solutions for Google Meet: Pre-configured systems for small, medium, and large rooms.
  • Logitech Tap IP: Make video meetings simple to join with a network-connected touch controller.
  • Select: Premium service plan for expert 24×7 issue resolution, continuity and enterprise-grade peace of mind.
  • Logitech Scribe: Whiteboard camera for video conferencing rooms.
  • Room solutions for Barco Clickshare: Pre-configured systems for small, medium, and large rooms.
  • Logitech Tap: Meeting room touch controller for video conferencing services, including Google Meet and Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows.
  • Logitech Roommate: Computing appliance purpose-built for video collaboration.
  • Zoom solutions for PC-based Zoom rooms (Zoom video conferencing): Pre-configured systems for small, medium, and large rooms.
  • Logitech for Zoom room appliances: Remarkably simple meeting room solutions for Zoom Room Appliances.
  • Logitech room solutions for Microsoft Teams rooms on android: Preconfigured appliance-based room systems for Microsoft Teams Rooms coming soon.
  • Rally Bar Mini: Premier all-in-one video bar for small rooms.
  • Logitech Tap Scheduler: Purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting rooms.
3. Workspace solutions: Logitech enables the same seamless audio and video experience from any workspace – office, home or hot desk.
  • Wired personal video collaboration kit: Provision any desk with an essential HD webcam matched with a USB wired headset specifically designed for noisy workspaces.
  • Pro personal video collaboration kit: Logitech Zone Wireless + Brio 4K webcam.
  • Essential personal video collaboration kit: Equip any personal workspace with an essential HD webcam matched with USB wired earbuds designed for busy environments.
  • Premium personal video collaboration kit: Provision any personal workspace with Zone True Wireless earbuds and the ultimate 4K webcam for video meetings.
  • Logi Dock: All-in-one docking station with meeting controls and speakerphone.

4. Webcams: Designed to work with any VC software, Logitech webcams offer instant collaboration with high-quality HD video.

  • Brio ultra HD Pro business webcam: Premium 4K webcam with HDR and Windows Hello support.

  • C925e Business Webcam: Enhanced 1080p business webcam with H.264 support.

  • C930e Business Webcam: Advanced 1080p business webcam with H.264 support.

  • C505e HD Business Webcam: HD webcam with 720p and long-range mic.

  • C920e Business Webcam: 1080p business webcam perfect for mass deployment.

5. Audio conferencing headsets: Stylish and affordable, Logitech headsets are designed for long-lasting comfort to make every call more productive.

  • Logitech zone wireless: Bluetooth headset designed to help you work from anywhere with exceptional sound, flip-to-mute mic, and Qi wireless charging.
  • Logitech zone wired: USB wired headset with premium audio for calls and music. Ideal for noisy workspaces.
  • H570e Headset: Comfortable, affordable, and built to last.
  • H650e Headset: Stylish and sophisticated headset for pro-quality audio.
  • Logitech H820e Headset: Wireless headset for business communications.
  • P710e Speakerphone: Ready for any mobile device with Bluetooth or USB.
  • Logitech zone true wireless: Bluetooth earbuds with best-in-class noise-canceling mic, ANC and simultaneous connection to your computer and phone.
  • Logitech zone wired earbuds: Built for business with embedded noise-canceling mic and multiple connections.

6. Video conferencing accessories

  • Logitech Strong USB: Extended-length SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps cable.
  • Rally Mic Pod: Modular microphones with RightSound for Rally Bar Mini, Rally Bar, and Rally.
  • Table Mount For Logitech Tap: Swiveling table mount with cable management for Logitech Tap and Tap IP meeting room controllers.
  • Rally Speaker: Second speaker connects to Logitech Rally for clear, rich sound.
  • Logitech Tap Wall Mount: Space-saving wall mount with cable management for Logitech Tap and Tap IP meeting room touch controllers.
  • Riser Mount For Logitech Tap: Elevated table mount with swivel and cable management for Logitech Tap and Tap IP meeting room touch controllers.
  • PC Mount: Mount with cable retention for mini PCs and Chromeboxes.

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