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Lenovo ThinkSystem server

Lenovo Rackmount Server models:

  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670

Product Description

Lenovo ThinkSystem server offers the high performance server solution, flexibility to clients. Lenovo rack server is industry-leading efficiency to meet mission-critical demands with legendary quality and reliability.

Let choose Lenovo ThinkSystem server model matching your business.

  • SR250: A single-socket compact 1U rack server. The power, reliability, and flexibility for the hybrid cloud.
  • SR530: An ideal budget-friendly, two-processor, 1U rack server. Designing to tackle entry cloud, hosting, file serving, and scale-out workloads.
  • SR550: 2P rack server is designed for a balance of processing power, storage capacity, cost. It provides selectable I/O options, tiered systems management.
  • SR570: Budget-friendly 1U rack server, offering high availability, reliability, performance, security. Specially, easy management, quick servicing.
  • SR590: High performance than ST570 with 2U rack server.
  • SR630: 2P rack server is designed to handle hybrid data center workloads. Applying to IT infrastructure, HPC to cloud and hyper-converged.
  • SR635: A 1U/1P rack server tuned for virtualization, database, scale-out software-defined storage.
  • SR645: A 2S/1U rack server powered by two AMD EPYC 7003 series CPUs.
  • SR650: A 2-socket rack server designed for speed and expansion. Flexible storage, I/O, and industry #1 reliability for business-critical workloads.
  • SR655: A 2U/1P rack server optimized for GPU-intensive and software-defined workloads.
  • SR665: A 2P/2U rack server powered by dual AMD EPYC 7003 Series CPUs.
  • SR670: Delivering scalable performance for HPC, AI workloads demanding best-of-breed GPU acceleration.

Drive your business forward with a server that matches your needs. Reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system. But still handles today’s workload and expands to accommodate future growth.

Lenovo server is solving real problems, creating new opportunities, and transforming. This is the way we all live, learn, work, and heal.

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