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SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner and Assessment

SecPoint Penetrator Security

SecPoint Penetrator – a powerful vulnerability scanning solution:

  • Node distributed scanning
  • No backdoors, no data collection full privacy
  • Advanced AI high accuracy
  • 12 scanning profiles
  • Web application scanning
  • XSS Cross Site Scripting scan
  • Blind SQL injection scan
  • OWASP, CVE, Bugtraq, OVSDB, HIPAA compliance.
  • Schedule scanning
  • Intuitive web-based GUI interface
  • Report logo branding, PDF, HTML, 19 Languages.
  • Made in Denmark, Euro.

Product Description

SecPoint Penetrator is the powerful security tool for vulnerability scanner and assessment. We deliver the best IT Security products for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability assessment.

SecPoint Penetrator is on web application and network scanning. Penetrator cyber security solution can find vulnerabilities in firewall, router, Linux/ Windows/ Mac OS/ Mobile device, printers and any device with local or public IP address.

Detect ransomware throughout the network. Find out if you are vulnerable to popular vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware. Get more information, fix and avoid a network compromise. The tool is a vulnerability management and penetration testing appliance developed for network use.

SecPoint supports more options: Appliance, Virtual software and Cloud. The best vulnerability assessment and penetration testing solution highlights:

  • No backdoors, full privacy menu.
  • All data stored at customer site.
  • AI machine learning for high accuracy.
  • CVE, Bugtraq, OVSDB, HIPAA compliance.
  • Advanced vulnerability scanning profiles: Normal, OWASP, firewall, database, extended, SANS, aggressive scan.
  • Discover IT vulnerabilities across your network.
  • Identify and resolve network weaknesses before the attackers do.
  • Launch DoS, DDoS attacks.
  • Reporting: Customize branding, watermark, logo, company name, PDF/HTML, 19 languages.
  • Plug and Play appliance, web-based GUI, no experience necessary to operate.
  • Made in Denmark, Euro.

You can deploy it in your network and do vulnerability management, the best SSL vulnerability scanner. SecPoint Penetrator vulnerability scanner can help you to find the vulnerabilities on entire network. You can scan the internal local IP addresses and public IPs available on the Internet. So find your vulnerabilities automatically with the schedule scanning. Then get notified by email once new vulnerabilities are discovered. The professional PDF/ HTML reporting will show the evidence of vulnerabilities and information on how to eliminate them.

SLA Company Limited is distributor of SecPoint in Vietnam. SecPoint is leading IT security products for vulnerability scanning, assessment, next generation firewall.