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Hanasis HIT POS terminal

Hanasis HIT POS

Hanasis HIT POS Models made in Korea:

  • Hanasis HIT
  • Hanasis HIT-17
  • Hanasis HIT-PRO

Product Description

Hanasis HIT POS is a all in one touch POS terminal. POS terminal has simple structure and focus on user centric design. Hanasis POS is the best choice for your business and compatible with POS software.

The advances of Hanasis POS HIT machine:

  • Hardware: Simple, slim design, easy upgrade and space saving compact.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • High performance and fanless.
  • Support second 9″ or 15″ LCD.
  • Made in Korea.

SLA Company Limited is Hanasis distributor in Vietnam market. We supply the professional POS models: HIT, HIT-17, HIT-PRO. And also POS software matching your business.