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APC Back, Easy, Smart UPS Online Vietnam

APC UPS Smart Online

Schneider Electric APC UPS Smart Online models:

  • APC Back-UPS Pro (UPS for Computer PC, Printer): 500VA, 625VA, 650VA, 700VA, 800VA, 900VA, 950VA, 1100VA, 1200VA, 1400VA.
  • APC Smart-UPS Online (UPS for Network, Server, Data Center): 750VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA, 2200VA, 3000VA, 5000VA, 6000VA, 8000VA, 10KVA, 15KVA.

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of Schneider Electric APC UPS in Vietnam. UPS battery helps protecting the power supply with high-performance, always high availability, scalable runtime. APC UPS 650VA, 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA, 10KVA connects to the servers, storage, networking systems.

Back-UPS battery backup offers guaranteed power and surge protection for wireless networks. And with your computer, other electronics in your home or business. Models supply battery backup during outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations. As well as provide protection from damaging surges and spikes. They’re available in ‘tower’ or ‘floor’ styles, and together with a variety of standard features. UPS is the perfect choice to protect your data and keep you connected.

Smart-UPS On-Line provides high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection for servers, voice. Also with data networks, medical labs and light industrial applications. Capable of supporting loads from 1 to 20kVA in a rack/tower convertible form. APC UPS On-Line is available from 2U to 12U. 15 and 20kVA enable support of power hungry blade servers or heavily loaded equipment racks. When business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes, Smart-UPS On-Line can be configured with matching battery packs to comply with aggressive runtime demands.

PowerChute management software provides unattended graceful shutdown of network operating systems. All models 5+ kVA include an integrated Network Management Card for remote management. Others is optional. APC UPS Online family provides customers with a reliable source of uninterruptible power. Wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation. Internal bypass, and input power factor correction.

SLA has local supports and warranty Schneider Electric APC UPS to the resellers, clients in Vietnam. We supply IT products, total solutions to ensure and improve business system.