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Zevenet load balancer appliance ADC Vietnam

Load Balancer ADC Zevenet

Zevenet load balancer, Application Delivery Controller (ADC) has models – SLA Company Limited:

  • Zevenet hardware appliance: ZNA6508
  • Zevenet virtual appliance: ZVA4300
  • Zevenet bare metal appliance: ZBA4300
  • Zevenet cloud (Load balancer as a service): ZVN Cloud

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of Zevenet, sell the load balancer appliance or virtual appliance, Application Delivery Controller ADC to resellers, endusers in Vietnam. Zevenet appliance help your system become high available, high performance, high security more.

Zevenet supplies load balancer, Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution. We believe in the network and architecture optimization to guarantee the services continuity by ensuring the high availability, massive scalable, high performance and security with the most cutting edge technology for the activity of our users. Scale easy and avoid system disruptions with the Application Delivery Controller challengers through high availability, load balancing, security and high performance. Challenging Application Delivery, load balancing technology easiness.

  • Security: Secure and protect the access of applications through low level defense, encryption and application firewall.
  • High Availability: Create high availability infrastructure for WAN access, applications and services for local and global datacenters.
  • Scalability: Scale and automate growth of networks and servers with traffic control schedulers and programmable interfaces.
  • High Performance: Cutting-edge technology for the most accessible and multi platform ADC solution in the market.

Zevenet ADC (Application Delivery Controller) benefits:

  • Limitless: As we do not believe in limitations, our ADC solution perform with the maximum of your resources, no limitations per core, memory or throughput.
  • Support: OSS ready for the enterprise. ADC with security advisories, updates, hotfixes and the best assistance. Keep calm, you’ll be covered.
  • Agile Development: We bring an agile development and response to our ADC solutions. Your requirements are challenges for us to make it true.
  • Easiness: We dream to be the most performance, high available and secure ADC but also the easiest solution for devops, netops and sysadmins.

Zevenet load balancer has the technical features:

  • Load Balancing and high availability in layers 2, 3, 4 and 7 for WAN uplinks, services, applications and data centers.
  • Support of protocols tcp, udp, sctp, sip, ftp, tftp, http, https, rdp, ssh, pop3, imap, smtp, dns, ntp, ldap, ldaps, radius, etc and applications MS Exchange, Lynx, Citrix, and more, .…
  • Advanced HTTP application features like session persistence, redirections, virtual hosts, on the fly decryption/encryption, SSL certificates (SNI and wildcard), cookie insertion, reverse proxy, among others.
  • Advanced health checks of servers and services.
  • Traffic scalability and distribution by weight, round robin, cpu load, memory, least connections, least response, etc.
  • Configuration backups to allow quick disaster recovery procedures.
  • Active-passive cluster service.
  • Load balancing services monitoring through SNMP, RRD graphs and email notifications.
  • Advanced network management: VLANs, virtual IPs, link aggregation, static routing and IPv6.
  • Support of dNAT (transparency) and sNAT topologies.
  • Automation support through REST+JSON API.
  • Ready for A+ in SSL Labs and PCI compliance.
  • Intrusion prevention and detection service (IPS+IDS).
  • Optimized 64 bits operating system ready for massive scalable systems.

Ready for installation in production IT environments. ZNA6508 load balancer hardware appliance is a powerful optimized industrial server that provides the highest performance, secure and reliable application delivery controller to your business IT services, applications and networks.

This hardware appliance is designed under the flexi-hardware philosophy in order to be as adaptable and flexible as possible, offering expandable modules for network interfaces to allow the grow of your services and traffic requirements flawlessly.

High technology and reliable hardware with adaptable modules up to 40Gb in order to provide a high performance load balancer, ADC solution with an optimized Zevenet Enterprise Edition software and without limits.

High technology ADC hardware: Intel Multi-core New CPU’s Generation, Powered by Zevenet ADC Enterprise Edition, High throughput up to 40Gb, Flexible expansion modules, Optimized for high performance and low latency, Full warranty.

The load balancer virtual appliance format is aimed to provide massive scalability, high availability and increased security for your services, applications and networks.

ZVA load balancer lightweight and portable format allows to be deployed in the most popular hypervisors with a broad integration capabilities to be integrated easily in your infrastructure ensuring a productive and cost saving setup and maintenance.

ZBA Bare Metal Appliance provides an optimized 64 bits installable ADC ready to be integrated in your own physical hardware, with an unlimited system in terms of throughput, connections, farms and backends and physical resources. Optimized for multi-core and with a broad hardware compatibility.

Bare Metal is an installable Application Delivery Controller format which allows to be deployed in an heterogeneous set of platforms. As an ADC installable solution, Bare Metal supports a broad multi vendor servers equipment such as HP, Intel, Dell, Super Micro, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, and more.

Software-defined ADC for public, private or hybrid data centers and cloud platforms. ZVNcloud is a cost-effective Application Delivery Controller solution to consolidate a software-defined data center, without product acquisition.
Fully software-defined ADC to allow massive scalability automation of services and data centers through standard REST+JSON APIs. Includes the performance, easiness and high technology of Zevenet software.

For more information about Zevenet load balancer, Application Delivery Controller (ADC), please contact SLA Company Limited here or Vietnamese site.