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NETSHIELD (SnoopWall) is the world’s first counterveillance software company focused on helping consumers and enterprises protect their privacy on all of their computing devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. NETSHIELD augments endpoint security (antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention) through patent-pending technology that detects and blocks all remote control, eavesdropping and spying and, while preventing data leakage and increasing device battery life/performance. Our software is proudly made in the U.S.A. NETSHIELD’s Mission is to be a trusted provider of cost effective, proactive security solutions to enhance organizations cyber-risk mitigation strategies.

  • Close security gaps and ensure only trusted, known assets connect to corporate networks.
  • Provide real-time defense against the latest cyber-attack methodologies including zero-hours, phishing attacks, crypto and ransomware.
  • Enable IT professionals to regain control of their networks via effective policy management/enforcement.
  • Deliver actionable intelligence including vulnerability assessments, patch management and compliance reporting.

NETSHIELD’s portfolio of highly scalable & affordable breach prevention solutions includes: NetSHIELD delivers critical network access control to ensure only trusted assets access corporate networks. Additionally, zero-hour malware and phishing attack real-time quarantine, mac-spoof detection, TLD blocking, comprehensive auditing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance reporting & enforcement make this a comprehensive and compelling offering. The NetSHIELD solution is available as a hardware appliance that scale from 25 to 10,000 protected assets per appliance. In addition, an embedded command center allows administrators to manage up to 1000 remote sites.

NETSHIELD’s patents-pending AppShield SDK can secure any mobile app on all major platforms. Our AppShield SDK makes your app invisible to any other app on the mobile device which might otherwise eavesdrop on it, just like the B2 Bomber employs stealth technology to evade radar detection. With 24/7/365 active monitoring, regular updates and a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, you can be assured that your app’s security and customer data are safe, all the while providing a non-intrustive customer experience.

Specialties: Information Security, IT Security, Privacy, Security.

NETSHIELD Products: Cyber Threat Assessment, NetSHIELD Appliances, MobileSHIELD Endpoint Software, WinSHIELD Endpoint Software.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of NETSHIELD, SnoopWall, supplies next generation network access control, threats assessment products, solutions, supports to the resellers, customers in Vietnam. Please contact us here or ShareTech Vietnam for more information about NETSHIELD products.

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