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Mushroom Networks

Mushroom Networks from San Diego, California with the mission to provide innovative networking solutions. We focus on a range of networking solutions for enterprises, SMB in various industries. The leadership team has over 70 years of collective cutting edge research, development experience in the networking field.

Software Defined WAN, Broadband Bonding technology match a wide array of companies. The Truffle Broadband Bonding Network Appliance (BBNA) series use broadband bonding technology. Mushroom Networks devices help connect enterprises branch office communications. An enterprise has branch offices connecting to the headquarters.

Mushroom’s cellular aircard bonding solutions enable fast, reliable portable Internet solutions. Teleporter enables live video streaming over bonded cellular aircards.

Virtual Leased Line (VLL) in Truffle SD-WAN appliance provide a unique WAN bonding value proposition. With Truffle network appliances, the branch offices will be able to bond together their various Internet access lines to create a virtual. Secure, fast and reliable IP pipe to and from their headquarters, including VPN bonding. VLL is an ideal high performance alternative to MPLS and is highly cost effective. Utilizing to offload public Internet traffic off of MPLS when deployed along side with MPLS. VLL is a very cost effective MPLS alternative.

Mushroom Networks model: Truffle Software Defined WAN, Truffle E, EC, EF, EX. Let choose the model matching your requirements.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of Mushroom Networks in Vietnam. We supply load balancing, WAN optimization, SD-WAN solutions and services to clients. Beside selling networking security products to protect the network system.

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