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Ksenos are a Finnish software company that focuses on developing professional Video Management Software (VMS) with a wide range of experience and enthusiastic employees.

Ksenos is scalable and an easy to use video management software that enables you to be more aware about your business and premises. A video surveillance software with the user experience as the top priority. Ksenos is scalable to all kinds of video surveillance needs and compatible with most cameras.

Ksenos offers you easy-to-use tools for managing, analyzing and utilizing video image data widely in order to prevent crimes and accidents, secure areas and supervise processes. By choosing the VMS you can be more aware of your business processes and surroundings, which awards you with better fluency, efficiency and security.

Ksenos is chosen by many companies because of its compatibilty and ease of use. We partner with camera manufactuers Sony, Axis, Hikvision, Ahua, … to integrate and work together. Our professional partners with whom we collaborate in order to offer world class software.

We aim to be among the major players in our field, and our aspiration is for us to be software so versatile and easy to use that our competitors see it as a benchmark. Challenges that our customers are facing and finding qualified solutions to them motivate us. We aim to understand the needs and requirements of our customers, and we want to offer professional service at a competitive price. We want to guarantee that our customers are satisfied and they can rely on us in the future.

Wondering how video surveillance could help your business ? Start utlizing Ksenos today to achieve better awareness, efficiency and security.

SLA Company Limited is Ksenos distributor exclusively in Vietnam market. We distribute the product, solutions, consultant, implementation, technical support to the resellers, channels, endusers there. Please contact us here or Vietnamese site to understand Ksenos VMS product more and enjoy it matching your business, needs.

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