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Godex International

GODEX International has been manufacturing printers for over 20 years. The barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high performance category. GODEX has offices in the US, Europe and China and sell barcode printers world-wide.

The founders have designed and engineered printers for some biggest printer brand names in the industry. We focus only on desktop and bench top thermal barcode printers. We are the expert and the best selection in the desktop barcode printer category.

GoDEX barcode printer is very easy to use. Preparing the labels and ribbons, USB cable and Seagull Scientific Windows drivers, free GoLabel software. All you need is printing your own barcode labels from your PC.

  • Desktop printer: DT200, DT230, DT200i, DT230i, DT2x, DT4x, RT200, RT230, RT200i, RT230i, GE300, GE330, EZ120, G500, G530, RT700, RT730, RT700x, RT730x, RT700i, RT730i.
  • Industrial printer: ZX420, ZX430, ZX420i, ZX430i, EZ2050, EZ2150, EZ2250i, EZ2350i, ZX1200i, ZX1300i, ZX1600i, ZX1200Xi, ZX1300Xi, EZ6250i, EZ6350i, HD830i.
  • Mobile printer: MX20, MX30, MX30i.
  • Scanner: GS520, GS200, GS200AS, GS100.
  • Barcode printer accessories: Label stand, T10, T20.
  • Ribbon: Wax, Resin, Near Edge.
  • GoUtility is a net printing manage tool.
  • GoRibbon is software for satin ribbon printing.
  • GoAPP from Google Play or APP store.
  • GoLabel advance to barcode expert with more powerful functions.
  • QLabel is Windows based label design and printing software.
  • GoLabel PDF to laser/inkjet printers, the best label design software for ALL printers.

SLA Company Limited is authorized distributor of GoDEX in Vietnam. We supply barcode printer, label printer, mobile printer, scanner, design software to clients. SLA brings the professional IT services support their business better.

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