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Flyingvoice Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading company for VoIP CPE products in China. Flyingvoice has involved in VoIP products design and manufacture since 2007. Flyingvoice provides innovative and reliable VoIP products such as VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), IP Phone, VoIP Gateway, Wireless Router with VoIP product, Wi-Fi SIP phone, and embedded IP-PBX.

All products have passed the telecom carrier-grade BMT test which including environment, function and field test. And each model has been engineered to provide a complete set of features required for a majority of soft switch platform or IP-PBX. Flyingvoice have establihed a strict quality assurance system. All products are run under the ISO9001 control.  To assure the quality and efficient, we also developed a special manufacturing Auto-test System for VoIP products. We sold out millions of VoIP products to international market, and the quality of the products has been highly appreciated by customers.

Flyingvoice products launch:

  • ATA-FTA Series: Wireless ATA FTA1101, 1 FXS Ports VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA) G501N, 2 FXS Ports VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA) G502N, 4 FXS Ports VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA) G504, 8 FXS Ports VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA) G508
  • VoIP Router-FWR Series: Mini VoIP Wireless Router with 1 FXS G201N4, VoIP Wireless Router with 1 FXS G801, VoIP Wireless Router FWR8102, VoIP Wireless Router with 1000M Ports G902, VoIP Wireless Router with 4G-LTE FWR7202, Dual-Band VoIP Wireless Router FWR9202, SFP GE Router with VoIP FWR9302
  • IP Phone-FIP Series: Standard Business VoIP IP Phone IP622C, Standard Business IP Phone IP622CWP, Color screen office Phone with wireless FIP11WP, Large screen home Phone FIP12WP, 5 Lines Advanced Wireless IP Phone IP652P, 40 Keys Extension Module for IP652 EXP40, 4 Lines Wireless Desktop IP Phone IP542N
  • Gateway-FGW Series: 16 FXS VoIP Gateway FGW4148-16S, 32 FXS VoIP Gateway FGW4148-32S, 48 FXS VoIP Gateway FGW4148-48S
  • Mini PBX-FPX Series: Enterprise IP PBX & Router for SMB APX5008, Wireless Mini IP-PBX FPX9102H

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of Flyingvoice, supplies IP phones, Wireless IP phone, IP PBX, voice gateway products, solutions, supports to the resellers, customers in Vietnam. Please contact us here or Vietnamese site for more information about Flyingvoice products.

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