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Flyingvoice Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading company for VoIP CPE products in China. We have involved in VoIP products design and manufacture since 2007. VoIP products include analog telephone adapter (ATA), IP phone, voice Gateway, wireless router with embedded mini IP PBX.

All products have passed the telecom carrier-grade BMT test which including environment, function and field test. Each model has had a complete set of features required for a majority of soft switch platform or IP-PBX. Flyingvoice have established a strict quality assurance system. All products are run under the ISO9001 control.  To assure the quality and efficient, we also developed a special manufacturing Auto-test System for VoIP products. So we sold out millions of VoIP products to international market with the high quality.

Flyingvoice products launch:

  • ATA-FTA Series: FTA1101, FTA5101, FTA5102, FTA5111, FTA5120, G504, G508.
  • VoIP Router, Mini PBX-FPX: FPX9102H, FWR7102, FWR7302, FWR8101, FWR8102, FWR9502, FWR9601.
  • IP Phone FIP Series: FIP10, FIP10P, FIP11C, FIP11CP, FIP12WP, FIP13G, FIP14G, FIP15G, FIP16.
  • VoIP Gateway: FGW4148-16S, FGW4148-32S, FGW4148-48S.

SLA distributor supply IP phones, Flyingvoice wireless phone VoIP, IP PBX, voice gateway, VoIP adapter in Vietnam. We also sell mail server, online meeting products and solutions.

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