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Broadband Bonding Overview

Broadband bonding: The combination of multiple broadband lines to create a single, high-speed connection.

Key benefits:

  • Suitable for businesses of any size
  • Increased bandwidth = higher speed
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to deploy VoIP and Cloud Applications
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexibility – add bandwidth when needed
  • Use existing broadband lines and just add more
  • Works with any UK broadband provider
  • Combine line types ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+ / Fibre Broadband / EFM / Leased Lines / MPLS, …

Increase bandwidth: By adding multiple broadband connections together dramatically improves network performance and the bandwidth available for Internet access and site-to site connectivity.

Example: If we assume a ‘typical’ ADSL broadband line provides 6Mbps in the download direction and 1Mbps in the upload direction, three lines will provide an incredible 18Mbps in the download direction and 3Mbps in the upload direction, an improvement of up to 300% ! Our broadband bonding subscription service is available from just £15 + VAT per month per line with initial equipment purchase (see below) and can be used with lines from any ADSL or Fibre Broadband provider.

Improved reliability: Sourcing broadband lines from multiple suppliers provides reliability and resilience, protecting the network from specific ISP related issues. In addition, the use of multiple lines provides resilience in the case of a line failure, as service is maintained by the remaining active lines. Bandwidth can be scaled by adding more broadband connections.

How much is broadband bonding ?

  • For smaller organisations and teleworkers our monthly subscription broadband bonding service is ideal.
  • Capable of bonding up to eight lines pricing for the service starts at only £15 + VAT per line, per month and initial equipment outlay is typically less than £300!
  • Alternatively we offer a ‘pay monthly’ scheme, with no initial outlay starting at just £75 + VAT per month for TWO lines on a minimum 12 month contract basis. Please contact us to find out more.
  • For multi-site branch office and larger organisations we provide a range of routers suitable for between 2 and 12 broadband connections. Designed for high-speed connectivity and leased line replacement or backup these highly featured routers enable prioritisation to be specifically configured for voice, video and data applications.
  • Bandwidth reservation, VPN pass-through, stateful firewall and local and remote management is also included.

Cost savings: Bandwidth costs can be significantly reduced by using low-cost, easily available broadband lines. Internet and office-to-office interconnection speeds can be dramatically improved. Leased lines can be replaced or backed up. Bandwidth can be added ‘as and when required, easily and cost-effectively.

What type of broadband lines are supported: We can bond ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, Fibre Broadband, EFM, MPLS, 3G, 4G, leased lines and satellite connections.

‘Mix & match’: Line types can be ‘mixed and matched’ to suit specific requirements including resilience, disaster recovery, cost-saving and ‘bandwidth on demand’.

Can existing broadband lines be used: Yes! Our broadband bonding services can be used with lines from any broadband provider. Existing lines can be easily bonded with additional lines to create high-speed connections. For resilience and redundancy we recommend that lines be sourced from different suppliers to protect against failure within the broadband providers infrastructure.

Leased line replacement: Broadband bonding is a very cost-effective alternative to the ‘traditional’ leased line that can be expensive to install and are often subject to a multi-year commitment of many thousands of pounds. This financial commitment is a significant cost for any business and affects the flexibility of the network potentially preventing the business from adapting to change.

Improved performance: If we were to compare a ‘traditional’ 3Mbps leased line with multiple ADSL broadband lines the cost saving and performance improvements are significant. If we assume a ‘typical’ ADSL broadband line provides 1Mbps in the upload direction and 7Mbps in the download direction. To provide 3Mbps in the upload direction, equivalent to the leased line, 3 broadband lines would be required. However, the download speed will now be 21Mbps, 7 times faster than a comparable leased line and at a fraction of the cost !

Leased line backup and ‘bandwidth on demand’: Broadband bonding is a cost effective way to providing resilience to a ‘traditional’ leased line installation. The bandwidth is available at all times and during ‘normal’ operations adds bandwidth to improve network performance. In the unfortunate event of a failure of a leased line the existence of multiple broadband lines and their aggregation minimises the impact of the failure.

Please contact SLA Company Limited here or ShareTech Vietnam for the broadband bonding solution.

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