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Zevenet offers the easiest and most accessible load balancing solution within the application delivery controller (ADC) market. In October of 2010, we started our journey within the Load Balancing and Application Delivery sector with the Open Source project Zen Load Balancer in order to provide an accessible, easy to use and not locked in software based on GNU/Linux and several open source projects.

The evolution as a company and the users requirements came into a creation of an stable Community Edition and an optimized Enterprise Edition to cover all the platforms requirements. In addition, four support plans were created to provide a complete service coverage for every need.

But soon we faced the need of invest in innovation and development within the open source model and help to the community to create a high performance, massive scale and secure product. For that reason we become developers and return to the community the knowledge and implementations made.

One step forward was the need of a brand consistency to join the open source project benefits with a company to provide the professional services. Then, we present the born of ZEVENET.

We believe in the network and architecture optimization to guarantee the services continuity by ensuring the high availability, massive scalable, high performance and security with the most cutting edge technology for the activity of our users.

We are working towards excellence, developing cutting edge technology in the Application Delivery Controller, network and services optimization market in order to make easy the hyper connectivity and the massive scale of services.

Zevenet products:

  • Virtual: Quick deployable format into the most popular hypervisors.
  • Bare Metal: Installable and flexible ADC system for multi vendor hardware.
  • Hardware: Robust dedicated ADC hardware to get the most performance.
  • Cloud: Load Balancing as a Service and ADC orchestration toolbox.

SLA Company Limited is the distributor of Zevenet, supplies load balancing, application delivery controller products, solutions, supports to the resellers, customers in Vietnam. Please contact us here or Vietnamese site for more information about Zevenet products.


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