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EgoSecure Antivirus

EgoSecure Antivirus has features:

  • EgoSecure Antivirus
  • EgoSecure Endpoints
  • EgoSecure Filter

Product Description

EgoSecure antivirus solution provides proven protection against anonymous attackers from the Internet. It is important to ensure a high detection rate to be able to respond very quickly to new viruses and Trojans. EgoSecure Endpoint integrates a leading-edge solution with an acknowledged high detection rate.

EgoSecure Antivirus: A security solution needs multiple protection mechanisms; without an antivirus component, comprehensive, all-round endpoint security is hardly imaginable. EgoSecure has integrated a market-leading antivirus solution featuring a particularly high detection rate. A strong development focus was on the fast availability of new virus signatures and – as it is expected from us – flexible and easy administration. In addition, it is also possible to centrally manage the Microsoft firewall to ensure an even better, enhanced protection against malware.

For more information about EgoSecure Antivirus, please contact with SLA Company Limited here.