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ShareTech HiGuard V Firewall Router VPN highlights – SLA Company Limited :

  • Platform Size: Desktop.
  • Recommended Number of Users: Under 50.
  • Throughput: 1.8 Gbps.
  • Maximum Sessions: 200,000.

Product Description

SLA Company Limited is distributor of ShareTech, distribute and support ShareTech UTM firewall router VPN to resellers, endusers in Vietnam. ShareTech HiGuard V Next Generation UTM firewall router VPN is used in SMB, branches, stores, retails.

ShareTech HiGuard V  is an Firewall Router VPN operating at gigabit speed up to 1.8 Gbps. Firewall Router VPN offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for SMBs. Firewall VPN carries several main categories across your network security deployments: firewall security protection, policy auditing (anti-virus, In-Line IPS, content filtering, VPN bandwidth, and authentication), easy management (wireless AP control, bulletin board, Co-Defense). Router VPN has the web-based interface provides friendly and consistent user experience, auto firmware update, multi-languages supported.


Business of all sizes


Gateway, Intranet and Cloud


Optimal software speed

·   SMB

·   Remote, Branch office

·   Retail, Chain Stores

·   Virus and malicious protection

·   Switch Co-Defense

·   Encrypted VPN & SSL tunnels

·   Eye Cloud service system

·   High-speed core, distribution layers

·   Multi-Core x86 CPU

·   NAT throughput 1.8 Gbps

·   USB instant recovery

The advanced features of ShareTech HiGuard V Firewall Router VPN:

  • Best-suited UTM for SOHO/SMB: HiGuard X Firewall Router VPN is an ideal UTM designed especially for SOHO and SMB, a 9-inch desktop fanless design that ensures silent operation in small or quiet office environments. 4 Gigabit ports (fixed 1LAN and 1WAN and 2 custom ports) provide Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for users under 50. Integrated with Zyxel wireless AP, it is the most simple and cost-effective network security solution.
  • Firewall: Built-in SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) provides DoS detection and prevention against certain popular flood attacks like SYN, ICMP, and UDP. When the unusually high rates of the new connection are detected, the system will issue an alert notification or block anomalous session. In addition, HiGuard X SPI protects against packet-injection attacks by checking several components of TCP and UDP sessions.
  • Highest NAT Packet Processing Performance: Internet service providers (ISPs) is offering higher-speed DSL to homes and businesses. In order to satisfy existing customers, HiGuard X provides better support for the explosive growth in data traffic. In addition to Gigabit LAN and WAN ports, hardware-accelerated NAT operates at gigabit speed up to 1.8 Gbps that makes HiGuard X a basic unit with comparable performance and advanced functionality.
  • IPv4 / v6 Dual Mode: Native dual-stack supported. To cope with IPv4 depletion, ShareTech provides a solution that covers both IPv4 and IPv6 network and can be configured for IPv4 only, IPv6 only, or to support both protocols simultaneously. Furthermore, all ShareTech appliances have been certificated with “IPv6 Ready” logo.
  • Content Filtering: IT administrators can configure Web filtering profiles that block URLs to inappropriate web pages like violence and pornography and hacking attacks like malware and virus. Moreover, HiGuard X filters out ActiveX objects, Cookies or Java applets that may pose a security threat in certain situations. Both keywords and URLs of specified websites can be added to Blacklist and Whitelist.
  • Anti-Virus: Clam AV for virus scanning can detect over million kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Once suspicious emails are detected, the administrator can decide to delete it automatically, quarantine ones with unwanted file extensions or send notifications. Moreover, websites will be scanned once the function of anti-virus is enabled in policy.
  • Inbound/Outbound Load Balance: Firewall Router VPN supports outbound and inbound load balancing, providing business at least 2 WAN links. Multi-homing load balancing is supported to spread a business’s Internet traffic among multiple access links to increase the aggregate throughput and to divert traffic away from non-functional links when they fail. An additional 3G/4G/LTE USB can also be attached to the USB port of the HiGuard X to add a backup wireless connectivity.
  • SDN WAN: Router VPN combines MPLS, Ethernet ADSL, Wireless 3G, 4G/LTE at a single location. It is ideal for companies with 3 more offices and who have demanding applications. IT Administrators can manage Internet access easily for improved latency and reduced WAN cost spending. Companies can adopt a reliable and private line MPLS to protect important data, while administrators cost-effectively mix and match other network links as backup links. With SD-WAN, geographic boundaries are erased. Network links can be optimized to support applications with specific needs.
  • QoS: QoS offers more agile bandwidth management for industries and organizations. All the servers and users can be configured their minimum and maximum bandwidth; the remaining bandwidth will be allotted to the other users according to their configuration.
  • URL Database (Two-Year License): Built-in URL database collects almost one million of URLs and updates every period of time without additional charge. All these URLs and their contents were analyzed and classified into categories. IT administrator is able to block any category in the database with ease without entering keywords or the desired URL addresses one by one. Users do not have to fear they might stumble on a malicious URL and get infected with malware.
  • Application Control (Two-Year License): In order to prevent data leakage and ensure regulatory compliance, the access to applications which unrelated to work should be controlled during working hours. Integrated with third-party Lionic, HiGuard X can enforce policies for applications like P2P, VPN and Remote Control, Streaming and VoIP, Network Service, Online Sharing and Storage, Web Service, Social Network, Instant Messaging, System and Update, News and Media, Shopping and Auction, Entertainment and Arts, Sports and Travel, Food and Drink, Finance and Insurance, Gambling and porn, Games, etc. The URL database is updated daily at the time specified.
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Built-in IPS inspects the packets from OSI layer 4-7 (transport to application layer) and blocks concealed malicious code and worms delivered in TCP/IP protocols. As soon as an attack is suspected, IT administrator will be notified immediately and later an extensive range of reports will be available for analysis. ShareTech regularly updates the predefined attack-signature database and makes it available as IPS security package.
  • Wireless AP Management: Firewall Router VPN can be a unified platform to control and manage deployed wireless access points. Administrators can easily monitor and manage operation (functioning or malfunction), change the SSID password, uploading/downloading flow, and concurrent and history users on every AP (MAC address included).
  • Bulletin Board: Bulletin board is an effective way designed to make an announcement within company employees. Before being allowed to use the Internet, employees are expected to read the messages posted on the bulletin board.
  • Authentication: Firewall Router VPN offers three authentication methods: Active Directive (AD), POP3, and Radius. When a user first opens a web browser and begins to access an internet site, they will be prompted to authenticate before using internet service.
  • Complete VPN Solutions: Using IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, and SSL VPN connections, HiGuard X provides data confidentiality, data integrity, and data authentication. At the same time, popular protocols such as web, SMTP, and POP3 that contains packets transmitting within tunnels are able to be controlled.
    • Supports IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, SSL, and GRE Tunnel
    • Supports DES, 3DES, AES, AES128, AES192, and AES256 encryption and SHA-1, SHA256, SHA512, and MD5 authentication algorithms
    • SSL VPN mobility client for Android and Apple iOS
    • Controls connectivity of remote sites from the central site
  • Graphic Dashboard (Optional): The dynamic dashboard in the web user interface (web UI) presents a graphic view of the system status including concurrent connections, application classification, network resource usage, HTTP or HTTPS traffics and intrusion defense to help in tracking and diagnosis. IT administrators are given visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications.
  • Diagnostic Tools: Firewall Router VPN provides diagnostic tools such Ping, Traceroute, DNS Query, Port Scan and so on. They make fault isolation and troubleshooting easy for administrators.
  • Flexible Policy Control: Flexible web policies allow you to build rules based on users, groups, date, time and much more. Administrators can setup combination to reach different network requirements. Problems can be fixed without temporarily suspending services and operation can be made through GUI to keep your network safe and secure.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Firmware, language (English, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese), export, import functionality are using a web browser, web UI.
  • Cloud-Based Service System (Eye Cloud): Eye Cloud is a next-gen cloud service platform providing a user-friendly interface to support instant equipment maintenance and management (UTM, wireless AP, or switch).

For more information about ShareTech HiGuard V UTM Firewall Router VPN, please contact with SLA Company Limited here or directly for more information about ShareTech products.

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